In-Person gatherings suspended at this time. Below you will see descriptions of the program.

DivorceCare is a national program that provides a safe place for adults to begin the healing process, and recover from the pain of divorce and/or separation. Past attendees have found the group support to be helpful while dealing with the loss of a relationship and all that entails.

For adults looking for DivorceCare support through a virtual group click HERE.

DC4K & Confident Kids
Kids can feel angry, hurt, and confused by separation and divorce, and need a safe, fun place to gain the skills that will help them heal. DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) is a national program that gives them just that.

No in-person or virtual options for kids and teens at this time.

Ben Tyvoll
Care Pastor

Mike Graham
White Bear Campus Pastor


The Barnabas Care Team meets the needs of senior adults through prayer, phone calls, and home/hospital visits. The purpose of this team is to provide care for the body and a cure for the soul, and we do this by being a friend to the house-bound, those living in assisted living facilities, and special needs adults. (Shameless plug—If you have a passion for caring for senior adults, consider joining the Barnabas team!)

Tuesday Meeting Dates / 3pm
2020 DATES / September 22, November 19
2021 DATES
/ January 26, March 23, May 25, July 27
Meeting via Zoom

Ralph Gustafson
Senior Adults & Volunteer Development Pastor