Learning Communities

Whole-life discipleship is infusing your faith into every aspect of life. We encourage you to join one of the following learning communities to do a deep dive into these very important discipleship topics. Learning communities have three primary values:

  • Studying Scripture
  • Building Community
  • Putting Your Faith into Practice

Together with other believers, you will discover what the Bible has to say about important issues and be motivated to live out your faith. Each learning community is a five-week practical intensive with up to 10 people. You will be challenged and stretched—but we hope you will come away forever changed.

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Cost $15 (covers materials)

The Story of the Bible for Everyday Life

What is the story of the Bible? In this course, we will unpack this question by examining how Scripture’s themes find their fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We will look specifically at creation and new creation, the great rebellion and the call of Abram, the exodus and new exodus, the Davidic king, and exile and return. This will be a challenging course. You will see familiar passages in a new light and wrestle with foundational theological themes, but you will also see how understanding Scripture through the lens of Jesus is deeply transformational for daily life. Class taught by Tucker Anderson.

Thursdays, January 28-February 25 / 6:30-7:30pm

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Tucker Anderson
Discipleship Pastor