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What is Right Now Media? The simple answer is that it’s like Netflix or Hulu, only all media content is Christ-centered and Biblically-based. There are thousands of awesome messages and studies on this site. It might be overwhelming for you to try to find studies or movies to watch, so we’ve prepared A LIST to get you started exploring.

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It’s super easy to get access to this amazing library of resources! Just click HERE to browse and view the free options at RightNow Media on the Calvary Church account.

There are so many quality options that it might be hard for you to find a study or entertainment in RightNow Media! That’s why our pastors at Calvary are sharing their faves below.

Pastor’s Picks

“My recommendation is Bob Goff’s series on Everybody Always. The Senior High is going through it on Sundays this month. It’s well done and Bob is always encouraging. I think it’s a good reminder of how we can creatively and tenaciously love the people around us (even in the midst of a pandemic).”

~Sam Townsend, Senior High Pastor

“My RightNow Media pick is a 1-week video series connected to a two-week challenge to go on a “mission trip” to your own workplace. When you sign up for the Marketplace Mission Trip, you are placed with a ‘team’ of others from around the country who are going through the same mission trip process to their workplaces. I really appreciate this video series because it has a clear application that you get to put into practice with others. This is a great option to do alone, with a few others, or as a small group.”

~Steven Anderson, Young Adults Ministry Director

“Our small group just completed Francis Chan’s study on James on RightNow Media. It provided both helpful video input and excellent downloadable discussion questions so we could dive deeper into the book together. The study is divided into 12 sessions with verse-by-verse challenges to move participants into a deeper and active walk with Christ. If James is the next book on your list to study check out the Francis Chan series on Right Now Media. I highly recommend it.”

~Vonn Dornbush, Impact Ministry Pastor

“I recommend two series by Francis Chan – ‘Basic. We are Church‘ and ‘Forgotten God.’ Pastor Chan is a great communicator, biblically sound, and tells good stories. Both of these are excellent series to watch and study to learn and grow!”

~Ralph Gustafson, Senior Adults & Volunteer Development Pastor

“I recommend the film ‘The Heart of Man.’ It’s a powerful story ‘inviting the sons and daughters of God to leave behind our broken, moralistic, and religious ways of thinking and relating to God and to others.’ It invites us to break free from performance and from addictions, and from trying to manage our behavior so we appear acceptable to God (and to others).

I also enjoyed the study ‘Jesus Changes Everything.’ In this 4-part series, Nick Hall, Founder and Chief Communicator for PULSE (a ministry focused on reaching the next generation for Christ), talks to students about how Jesus changes everything in their lives.

These two RightNow Media options are timely and something we all need to hear and be encouraged by.”

~Ben Tyvoll, Groups & Online Ministry Pastor

“As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a Holy Land geek and have visited Israel personally a couple of times. In this engaging study on the Gospel of Mark, join Francis Chan on location in Israel as he unpacks discipleship in this fast-paced Gospel. ‘Mark’ is a great study to do as a group or individually!”

~Tucker Anderson, Roseville Campus Pastor

Superbook is an animated series that features two kids and their robot friend. This trio time travels to watch the stories of the Bible unfold before their very eyes. Originally produced in the 80s, this series has recently been redone and competes with anything your kid might watch on tv! More importantly, these videos dig into a Bible story and teach important lessons. I’ve heard several parents say that Superbook has led to important spiritual conversations in their homes!”

~Christy Becher, Children’s Ministry Pastor


Tucker Anderson
Roseville Campus Pastor

Ben Tyvoll
Engagement Pastor