Everyone has a story. Here are a few people who have recently shared their stories at Calvary Church. They talk about what Jesus means to them, and how God is working in their lives in remarkable ways.

Faith Stories in Video

Faith Story: Adam Mrozinski

Faith Story: Lizzy McClure

Faith Story: Trisha Barkman

Faith Story: Nathan G. 

Faith Story: Jenni Dorough

Faith Story: Eli M.

Faith Story: Emily Face

Faith Story: Carl & Mary Kaye Pedro

Faith Story: Les Gortmaker

Faith Story: Kyle Otto

Faith Story: Suzie Katusky

Faith Story: Matt McCann

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This Time Tomorrow (TTT)

TTT: Steve Odmark

TTT: Chris Goebel

TTT: Sarah Olsen

TTT: Taylor Lawrence

TTT: Kari Canfield

TTT: Maggie Anderson

TTT: Alan Hoglund

TTT: Garrett Driscoll

TTT: Paul Campbell

Faith Stories in Print

Just as there are many stories to tell about how God is working in our lives, there are many forms of media used to tell the stories! These are excerpts from Connect (our print publication produced twice a year), from past and present issues.

Calvary Connect Winter-Spring 2020: Phill & Angela Schmidt

Calvary Connect Fall 2019: Shawna Larsen

Calvary Connect Winter-Spring 2019: Bob Bjorklund & Matt Hill

Calvary Connect Fall 2018: Stefania Losada

Calvary Connect Winter-Spring 2018: George Robinson & Vicki Holmgren

Calvary Connect Fall 2017: Jim Adkins Chicken Missionary